Understanding about calorie content  Health News For Families

Understanding about calorie content Health News For Families

The calorie content of the foods we eat everyday, play an important role in our dieting plans. You simply cannot lose weight, if you are constantly eating high calorie foods, and yet hoping for miracles to happen. The only way to keep off the pounds is by eating right, and the smart way to eating right is to know about the calorie content of foods.

Foods have different calorie content, depending on what kind of food you are eating. A slice of cheese has more calories than a slice of papaya. A 120g bar of chocolate has a lot more calories than a cut of regular pizza with the same weight. Likewise, a cup of coffee has more calories than a cup of tea.

Learning about calories is fun, but more than that, you are equipping yourself for the post diet period, when it is so easy to accidentally put all that weight you lost through your efforts, back on again! postamble();

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