Choosing makeup bags

Choosing makeup bags

Having too much makeup could be a daunting task just in storing them. This is because some of the makeup could easily spill out and damage your purse. Getting a well fitting makeup bag could be really helpful in putting your stuff in the right order. Good makeup bags will be just what the doctor ordered as far accessing them quickly is concerned.

Here then are the criteria to use choosing makeup bags.

Best fit

One of the requirements is that you need to shop around until you find one .the one that you choose has to meet your style, size and colour. Although there are many varieties to choose from, it makes all the difference when you choose one that has all the features together.

Testing the bag

Once you go out shopping for one, test the space inside by putting all your makeup inside to see how they fit. Watch out for other qualities like the presence of a good zipper, ability to slip inside the purse easily.

Zipper vs. Velcro adhesive

Velcro adhesive is not as good as a zipper ostensibly because things inside your makeup bags could easily fall out when you are on the move. A mere shake of the bag could cause it to open. A zipper on the contrary holds things in place regardless of the movements. Unless you want to find different stains all over your purse, you know what you need.

Ease of cleaning

One of the most important aspects is that makeup bags should be easy to clean. A good bag should contain compartments that can be removed, cleaned and returned to position.

Multiple pockets vs. Just one pocket

You will find varieties of makeup bags will depend on how you intend to use yours. If you have plenty of makeup, you need the one with multiple pockets.