Dirty Bit Workout

Dirty Bit Workout

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Follow Zuzana on Facebook: on.fb.me Tweet Zuzana here: bit.ly Visit us: www.BodyRock.Tv

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Google “Fran crossfit workout” it puts your upper body to the test… Try to do it in under 8 minutes

@smarmydharma2 keep your clothes on when you do it, you fat cow

@colored12beads get your fat ass off your couch and let’s see how noiseless you are, you fat cow

those noises are making me have a boner

i’m sorry but those noises aren’t necessary..

@TheCandyShow You are right. Keep going, I’m starting my workout too because I was a kickboxer but I stopped training, now I’m getting fat and these workouts will help me a lot.

You have the best thumbnails ever.

Zuzanna watch your form! Kidding. I probably couldn’t do a fraction of what she did.

wow at 3:48 you can see the pain in her expression. Zuzanna, I don’t think we are meant to sing while working out, lol.

I hate burpees but they’re the best workout ever. Thanks for your hard work and videos…I’m gonna get some cookies now.

@charliejames1975 I love your videos. I have some advice on your pushups. You have to breath out on the way up. I noticed you were holding your breath and then you exhaled when you finished the push up. You will be able to do a lot more push ups if you breath out on the way up.

if i want to lose lipid my abdomen how i can do it please help me james?

because nearly 3 months i try so hard lose lipid on my abdomen but the result not good tell me james please

teach us how to use the interval timer

Wow.. you are a little bit masochistic yes?

Hey there, I just made a burpees everywhere video. Will post it soon… cheers, -Sunny in Cambridge (On location in Vermont)

@garrettoconnell lol i found this out yesterday, charlie not a nice ass hole hehehe

I did a few Burpees recently. I was surprised I could do it. I had to do the push ups the easy way though.

I like you Zuzana…you push hard and you keep it real (not hiding that the workout is a killer).

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