How to clean vegetables and fruit from the dangers of pesticides

How to clean vegetables and fruit from the dangers of pesticides

Pesticides are used to prevent pests on fruit and vegetable crops. Unfortunately, the content of pesticides can be harmful in the long term. This way removes pesticides from vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are believed to be a healthy diet rich in fiber. But the latest health report actually found 67 types of pesticides that end up making fruits and vegetables contaminated.

Pesticides are chemicals used to control, refuse, lure or eradicate the pests, diseases and weeds that have no effect on the plant. Pesticides are often referred to as ‘poison’. But many farmers who use pesticides to prevent damage or decay.

In certain amount, the use of pesticides for fruit and vegetable crops can still be tolerated body. However, if excessive amounts can be harmful to health, such as causing cancer, ADHD in children, nervous system disorders, thyroid disorders and weakened immune systems.

Here are some ways to reduce and clean the vegetables and fruit from the pesticide :

Wash your hands with soap and running water before handling food products, including the time to wash fruits and vegetables.

Wash fruits and vegetables with clean water and drains to clear debris from the soil and dirt.

Discard outer leaves of leafy vegetables and then rinse with clean water and drain.

Use a toothbrush or soft brush to clean up pesticides from fruits and vegetables, as well as keep the water flowing.

Peel the skins of vegetables and fruits that have thick skin, especially fruits and vegetables are coated with wax.

To remove wax also can be washed with warm water mixed with salt and lemon juice or vinegar.

Do not use detergents or soaps that can leave the rest of the other chemicals in fruits and vegetables.

Cooking helps reduce some pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables are not lost when peeled or washed.

We recommend that you buy organic fruits and vegetables when you are still afraid of the pesticides.

If you have a garden, you can also plant their own fruits and vegetables so that certainly does not contain pesticides.