Help Boost Your Immune System

Help Boost Your Immune System

Simple Measures to Help Restore Your Health

Are you just getting over a bout of flu, a spell in hospital or feeling rough after a heavy cold? Whatever the level of illness, the recuperation process is still a part of it. The length of time you need to convalesce will depend on the type of illness you have had and your overall health in general and in this regard, you should always follow the advice of your physician/health practitioner.

There are also a few simple common-sense guidelines you can follow to aid this process.

Get as much sleep and rest as you can

We all lead busy lives and the temptation to push yourself just a little bit further is always there. Ignore it ! Give into your body’s needs and sleep or rest whenever you can. Many people go back to work too soon and then relapse. So sometimes, for that extra day or two at home resting, you could be sparing yourself another week or more of illness. As soon as you are feeling up to it, regular daily walks are beneficial and help to promote deep sleep.


Stress releases the hormone cortisol which weakens the activity of the immune system. Degrees of emotional, physical and psychological stress occur in everyday life. This can also include TV, books or films that over-stimulate your imagination as this could create mental/emotional overload, in turn delaying your recovery! So indulge in gentle pursuits such as listening to music or meditation, things that still the mind, especially when life is stressful.

Eat healthily

Regular meals should include fresh, organic foods as much as possible. Avoid sugary snacks and heavily additive-laden pre-packaged foods as these put a strain on the digestive system. Don’t get dehydrated. Drink plenty of clean, fresh water to flush the toxins from your system or select herbal teas or pure fruit juice, as many other forms are heavy in sugar content. Limit all other types of drinks. Avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks as these will over stimulate you. Eliminate or reduce smoking and keep alcohol consumption low, especially during this phase.

Stay in one environment

Your living area should be well-ventilated but an even, comfortable temperature. Avoid extremes of temperature until you are feeling better and preferably stay indoors initially. As you feel improved, gentle exercise in the fresh air according to your ability, can be very beneficial, but until that point, stay put. Again, your body does not need the added distraction of controlling body heat when it is trying to get you better.


Extra vitamin C can be beneficial for many people as it helps to process the symptoms you are experiencing but for some people it can be too acidic. Check out other products that can gently boost the immune system, such as Echinacea (for upper respiratory tract infections); Garlic; Goldenseal; Berry fruits are a rich source of bioactive compounds; Propolis (from bees); Probiotics – can boost the healthy bacteria in the digestive system, especially when depleted by medication such as antibiotics. Any of these should only be taken for a limited time.

Always check with your physician/health practitioner first to discuss suitable options available to suit your specific needs .

When you are trying to recover your health and strength after an illness, you want your body to be directing all its energies towards this end. If its energies are dealing with stress, digesting heavy foods, lack of sleep, extremes of temperature, over-stimulation from people, outside stresses or even the TV, the end result will be a slower recuperation.