Why Aromatherapy?

Why Aromatherapy?

Although essential oils have been used for at least five thousand years, aromatherapy today is still undergoing the process of rediscovery and evolution. Why has aromatherapy recently become so popular? There has been a general upsurge of interest in holistic medicine of different types. Herbalism, acupuncture, homoeopathy; these therapies and others aim at treating the whole person using remedies which are free from harmful side-effects, and help to prevent the symptoms of “disease”.

Holistic aromatherapy combines both an extremely enjoyable treatment and “self-help” advice which constitutes and effective therapy in its own right. The many factors that combine to lower our quality of life, and ultimately our state of health, can often be tackled by holistic aromatherapy, by rebalancing the system and restoring homoeostasis.

Aromatherapy is not a “cure all” either! We are very sensitive tactile creatures; we need human contact. Massage is an instinctive reaction. When we bang ourseves, we rub the area to ease the pain; we comfort a child by a hug and a cuddle. As we mature, the physical contact diminishes, and yet general pressures often increase. The compassionate impartial massage relieves often muscular spasm, re-educating the muscles, enabling us to achieve a more relaxed posture. The circulation is stimulated, increasing the rate of toxin removal. Problems may be shared, and pressures eased. General peace of mind is promoted.

The merit of such treatment and the use of essential oils in the home cannot be over emphasized.

Many beauty therapists now include essences in treatment oils, creams and lotions, to be used on a superficial level, primary for skin treatment. Many of the essences have an extremely beneficial action on the skin, and this form of treatment can be both pleasant and rewarding. Many people mistakenly believe that aromatherapy is basically a beauty treatment. This is only one of the many factes that aromatherapy treatment has to offer.

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