Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Style, Season, and Personal Preference Are Important

One of the most important decisions that you will make about your upcoming wedding is the color scheme that you will utilize for it. However, when choosing the colors, many couples get into arguments about what is appropriate, what looks good on who, and what else compliments everything else. You can avoid those arguments by following these easy suggestions.

Choose Colors That Compliment Her Dress

As much as guys don’t like to admit it, they really aren’t the focal point of the wedding. Their bride is. And because of that, the colors that are chosen should reflect a complimentary style toward her dress. That means if the dress is cream, you have cream flowers, not white. Cream runners, not white. And so forth. If you don’t do that, then your visitors don’t really have an opportunity to have a focal point and because of this, they will feel like your wedding is disjointed.

As for the other colors, many couples choose colors that are one of their favorites that will also compliment the primary standards of white, cream, or beige. When it comes to these types of colors, pastels are generally what people choose – so think, purples, light pinks, light blues, and other colors in that region. Couples who choose this route tend to think more about having the traditional style of wedding.

Or Go the Other Way and Clash

One of the more fun components of the modern wedding is just doing things that are outside the norm. One of those things is to choose colors that clash instead of colors that are complimentary – so bright reds, oranges, greens – more on the primary scale of colors than the pastel side of colors. Couples that choose to do something like this tend to go against the flow and want something less traditional in a wedding. If that describes you, then this might be the way to go.

If you do choose this route, it is important to also have a dress fit into this color style. This would be primarily for brides who choose to have a different color of dress than the traditional spectrum of whites.

Whatever colors you choose, however, should be reflective of your personalities first and foremost. Tradition may be for some, bucking tradition may be for others, but what is most important is that this is your wedding and you choose the colors that are important to you.